Emma and Brayton Tomlinson

Emma and Brayton Tomlinson  Emma & Brayton Tomlinson – Living with Asperger’s

Bio - Brayton Tomlinson

Brayton Tomlinson

Brayton is 13 years old and was diagnosed with Aspergers at age 6. Brayton will discuss what life has been like for him going to school trying to make friends and also the extreme anxiety he suffers on a daily basis. He will discuss his interests which are real estate, dog breeds and gourmet food. He will fill people on how it feels to have Asperger’s Syndrome and the frustrations that go along with it.

Bio - Emma Tomlinson

Emma Tomlinson

Emma is 12 years old and in Grade 7. She will talk about the constant bullying she has suffered during school and how she has managed to overcome that bullying. She is very talented artistically and attends singing classes. After her brief discussion on girls with Asperger’s she will sing one of her solo's, accompanied by Sean Ross on keyboard.